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Oh my friend is a beautiful movie which inspired millions of people by touching their hearts and telling a message that girl and boy can just be friends for the rest of life without any romantic relation. It’s a fun movie of a girl and boy who grow up together and enter into their lives. Their partner probably does not understand that, after all the ups and downs they all agree and lead a happy life. It’s a very simple and realistic story  so do watch free movies online. Watch Oh my friend movie online free on Aha!


The story begins with Chandu and Siri who are best friends since childhood. They are affectionate towards each other as friends till they grow up. Chandu comes back from Mumbai learning music, instead of MBA. Siri takes each and every responsibility of chandu and tries to make him a better person.Chandu is passionate towards music and goes for different auditions for bands and compitionas. Chandu falls in love with Ritu who is a collegemate to both of them, they have beautiful moments together and have lots of fun which will be the reason he stops spending much time with Siri, so Siri thinks to leave the city. Our Uday who comes to the story as siri boyfriend from US. Siri and uday are very understanding, compatible and caring towards each other. All four of them go to kerala for Chandu’s audition. It’s an adventurous, luxurious, eye candy tip  to watch. The story takes a turn with disturbance in relation with lack of communication and understanding that Siri and Chandu love each other but they wouldn’t realise the fact. Even families have misunderstood both of them. Siri and Chandu make every one understand their situation and get married to their own partners. It has a beautiful ending just like the beginning.

Technical Aspects:

This is the first story which came out boldly that a girl and boy can just be best for life. It was beautifully written in each part and narrated perfectly. Music has wonderfully worked in this movie, every song has a meaning and purpose. Locations are the perfect addons, Kerala scenes are so pretty to watch on screen.


  • Siddharth is an all rounder, he sang, acted and he was part of every aspect of the movie.
  • ShrutiHaasan was marvellous, her acting skills have been improving since day one and as a main lead in this movie she made sure it succeeded.
  • Navdeep has a purposeful and short role yet very interesting.
  • Hansika was pretty to watch on screen with cute acting which was suitable to her.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Siddharth

Actress: ShrutiHaasan

Other Actors: HansikaMotwani, Navdeep

Director: Venu Sri Ram

Producer: Dil Raju

Writer: Venu Sri Ram

Screenplay: Venu Sri Ram

Story: Venu Sri Ram

Music: Rahul Raj

Background score: Mani Sharma

Cinematographer: Vijay C Chakravarthy

Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh

Production Company: Sri Venkateswara Creations

More Information:

Distribution: Geetha Arts

Release date: 11 November 2011 (Telugu)

Running time: 131 minutes

Genre: Romantic, Drama

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