Separate a necktie SVG from Hello Kitty SVG

Separate a necktie SVG from Hello Kitty SVG

Many people want to form a Cricut project with only Hello Kitty necktie, and it’s cute and suitable for kids’ stuff suck because of the mug, mask and shirts. Etc.

Now I will show the way to remove the necktie part from a Hello Kitty SVG and fill together with your favourite colour, then send to the cutter.

1. We download the hello kitty SVG

2. Upload it to style space or Inkscape, depends what you conversant in

3. First, we’d like un-group the first SVG to break it in small parts.

4. Then we delete the unnecessary parts only left the necktie.

5. Then we group the necktie as a gaggle.

6. Choose Pink or your favourite colours at the colour swatch on the left-hand side.

7. Enlarge to a correct size we would like

8. Chose to save lots of as the main menu

9. provides a new file name like Hello Kitty Bow SVG.

10. Sent to the cutter, before you click to make it, confirm you’ve got placed the proper materials within the cutter

11. Now we’ve a replacement Hello Kitty Bow heat transfer or any desired material you’ll use at cards, t-shirt, Etc.

It looks straightforward; the foremost time-consuming part is breaking and deleting of unnecessary elements.