Black Magic: The Ultimate Black Sabbath Gear Selection

Black Magic: The Ultimate Black Sabbath Gear Selection

There are few bands that have captured the essence of evil and darkness quite like Black Sabbath. From their monstrous riffs to their dark and haunting lyrics, this iconic band has become synonymous with the genre of heavy metal. And behind their sound, there lies a selection of gear that has helped shape the band’s signature tone – a tone that continues to inspire countless musicians to this day.

If you’re a metal enthusiast or just starting your musical journey, you may be wondering what gear was used to create those iconic Black Sabbath sounds. Look no further, as we take a deep dive into the ultimate Black Sabbath shop gear selection.

Tony Iommi is known for his distinct playing style and crushing riffs on his Gibson SG. The story goes that Iommi was working in a factory when an accident ended up severing two fingertips on his fretting hand. Forced to downtune his guitar and make adjustments to play comfortably, he created what would become Black Sabbath’s signature sound.

In addition to his SGs, Iommi also used other Gibson guitars such as Les Pauls and Flying Vs throughout the band’s career.

As a four-piece band without any keyboardists or second guitarists for most of their career, Geezer Butler’s bass played a crucial role in filling out the bottom end of Black Sabbath’s heavy sound. He is known for using multiple Rickenbacker basses throughout the years, including models such as 4001 and 4003.

When it comes to amps, both Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler used Laney Super Group amplifiers for most recordings in their early days with Black Sabbath. These were then later replaced by custom-built Laney LA100BL heads alongside Marshall cabs in later years.

One staple effect pedal used by Tony Iommi on many tracks is an MXR Phase 100 Phaser – lending an eerie and psychedelic vibe to the riffs. Along with that, Iommi is also known for his use of a treble booster, which gives his tone a biting and sharp edge.

Bill Ward’s drum setup may have evolved over the years, but his playing style remained consistent – providing powerful drum beats and a strong foundation for Black Sabbath’s heavy sound. He is famously known for using Ludwig drums throughout most of the band’s career.

Last but certainly not least, we have to mention the iconic vocals of Ozzy Osbourne. Known for his raw and haunting voice, Ozzy used little effects on his vocals in the studio. However, onstage he was often seen using a Crybaby Wah pedal to add some extra depth to live performances.

There you have it – the ultimate Black Sabbath gear selection that helped create their signature dark and heavy sound. From Iommi’s downtuned SGs to Butler’s Rickenbacker basses, each member’s equipment played an essential role in shaping Black Sabbath into one of the most influential bands in heavy metal history.

Aspiring musicians take note – while gear can never fully replicate someone else’s sound, studying the equipment used by your favorite artists can be an excellent starting point in finding your own unique tone. And there is no doubt that Black Sabbath has left behind a legacy of iconic gear that continues to inspire generations of metalheads around the world.


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