Make Cute Wooden Sign from Hello Kitty SVG

Make Cute Wooden Sign from Hello Kitty SVG

Make a Hello Kitty Wooden Sign at door is great for décor, but wooden sign could not complete by Cricut, you need a DXF file for all Laser Cutting Studios.

Now you download a hello kitty SVG, follow the following step to convert it to DXF format for laser cut machines

First up, you’ll get to download a replica of Inkscape. It is a free program, almost like Adobe Illustrator. You’ll find links and a walk-through here.

Now that that’s done open the SVG you’d wish to convert. You’ll drag it from the folder window straight into Inkscape to open it faster.

Opening an SVG enter Inkscape

The key to creating a DXF work is to form sure that nothing is connected – no grouping or compound paths. For more thereon, see the DXF files post.


Click on Object within the top menu and choose Ungroup within the sink menu. Ungrouping an SVG enter Inkscape


Click on Path within the top menu and choose Break Apart within the sink menu. Releasing compound paths or break apart in Inkscape

When a gaggle of objects are welded together in Silhouette Studio, they’re called compound paths.

A compound path make every parts of graphic into single object planning to chop together and keeps them from being removed of place. break apart is realease (break) compoound path in Inkscape

Now your image may looks messy like a shape with color

Image after releasing compound path or break apart in Inkscape

You will see that there are a bunch of additional boxes on the most a part of the flower now. Those wont to be blank spots within the middle of the planning.

The same thing happens with text. You recognize you’re on the proper